If a giraffe wears briefs 

Can I call it a Grief?

To each person his own.

There is no particular way to grieve.

But there’s always a way to know; Smiles. 

After the tragedy, you smile. 

It is of course, the adult way.


This world has moulded us into men of iron hearts,

And women of steel minds.

We smile and carry on. 

The weight of carrying on the grief.


I’m not grieving that you’re no more,

I’m grieving I’m here where you aren’t.

You’re enjoying your rest now,

I’m still here, probably just starting;

This race you already ended. 


The world seems empty.

My tears crash on the shores of reality;

I taste it’s saltiness,

I savour it’s bitter sweet linger in my tongue.


I’m not pained you’re gone. 

I’m pained you left me here. 



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