Your tears!

You’re welcomed with smiles,

Funny how they’re smiling whilst you’re crying;

It’s not all roses here, your momma still on the bed.


You learn to walk,

They keep the table cloth from your reach. 

You’re just trying to be where they are on the high table.

You succeed and the China is left in fragments on the low floor.

You’re in tears!


Your first day at school,

Mommy lied that she’d be with you.

Clutching Tom Tom and Gala;

You’re alone at the gate;

You’re in tears.

Where’s Mommy?


You’re graduating,

Clutching one award or two;

Probably the Best in English Language,

You’re not alone.

You have friends. 

You’re not in tears!

University will hear!

Mommy should do fast and go home.

You want to rock nyash


You’re dressed in black.

You can’t believe she died,

Remember there are no roses here!

It’s a ritual to adulthood,

You must lose a friend.

You’re in tears!


Your turn!

You smile at your own child crying.

‘Why are you heartless’ he thinks?

‘I’m a father!’ Your grin says. 


You’re in tears again. 

What happened to her?


Where’s your mummy?

She’s down 6ft. She’s went below to rest. 


You’re at your old age.

Where are your children?

It’s time to go. 

You close your eyes in peace! 

No regrets as you recall your legacy. 


Life is a whole of fragments. 

Just like this rendition. 



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