49D28644-CD8E-4D9A-ACB6-22E46918EA87GREY AREA


You have to kneel when you address me,

With wrinkles and the lines on my face;

I wrote the stories your father heard as Legends.

The thing you couldn’t see atop the tree,

Was the topic of last week’s discussion.


Take the Raincoat when I tell you,

The Clouds are grey in the area you want to go.

Use the herbs in the thicket there,

So you’ll attain this level of experience. 


Experience is my name,

Wisdom my proud shining regalia

Vegetarian, my carnivore mates are regarded vegetables. 

I’m a veteran in these fields. 

The fields I tilled under this sun, that caked my back and hardened my palm.

Palm I used to straighten your father!


Look at my head, can you see that grey area?

It’s not dye. 

It’s just what life has turned my youth into! 

Look at my eyes can you see that grey area?

I’m not blind, Cataracts are the Contacts of the Old!



  1. Good job man…
    I wish you can have it done more from your soul where you allow your soul to speak… But this is really brilliant bro.


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