Boys And Mary Jane

Mother with 3 children;
First has the world on his shoulders and still stands tall,
Second is the photocopy of his father; rough and tackles head on,
The third is a fine blend of the two; blazing his own trail.

Two cousins in the next apartment;
Careless and wild.

They’re involved in all fights around the block;
Lovers of Mary Jane who frequent their apartment with other friends with their different colours of dresses.

Three friends;
Chinedu who came to Lagos looking for greener pastures.
Kayode is running away from a fight in Abeokuta and wears hood all the time
Salau doesn’t talk much. He comes in during the day and leaves at night.
They’re awake all night with Burna keeping them company.
Friends with Mary Jane too, the only thing they looking at is their computer screens.

The boys in the streets and corner roads, waiting for innocent passerbys to rob and drag their purses;
Jagba they say it is; collect with force.
Just to take it back to the ghetto and buy sometime with Mary Jane.



  1. Well man, it’s nice, I dd get the connection between the hoodlums and the scammers, it’s Simple, makes me pause to get a clearer picture, I think that’s why I it’s nice

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