Teen Age

What would you tell a 5 year old
Who knows he has a father
But he’s nowhere near?

How would you explain to the 13 year old;
Who became a teenager at 19.
He had to grow up,
Faced with the presence of his father’s absence.

What was the 15 year old to say,
In the gathering where his father was called ‘boy’?
He had to sit with greying men.
He had become his own father.

Married to his mother and shouldered the weight of his family alone,
He watched the boys on the fields running,
Muscles twitching with the fullness of youth,
He turns away, pondering the affairs of the home.

He was mataryed,
His youth was killed for a cause he wanted no hand in,
The adults wanted more from him
All he wanted was to be 13 years old.

His smile turned into an everlasting scowl,
He retreated into the void in himself.
His spirit man, never attained puberty,
The young lion who never sprouted his mane.

Because you quote Shakespeare you think you’re deep?
Fill your legs in his shoes, do they fit?

This, this is deep.




  1. This makes so much sense. In a world where maturity is not by choice. πŸ‘. This is great. I like the tots behind it. Nice one man


  2. This is practically the story of most of us, we see ourselves caught up in situations we never expected but we try to survive. Thanks for this piece ehisthemen. Keep it up ✌

    Liked by 1 person

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