7:45 am at the bus stop

The office clerk with his B.A Degree

Hoping for that promotion.

Iya Alata with her gold earrings

Thinking only about the money in her head piece.

The SS2 aspiring Head boy

Perfect records in school;

World Best so to speak.

Miss Pepeye; with the Snapchat filters and gum,

Left her Boyfriend’s house, headed back to school.

Mr. Naka the carpenter,

His nails in his bag, over his shoulders,

His own cross to carry.

The bus conductor, looking at the signboard,

Angry that he can’t read it,

Shouts the next bus stop at the top of his young lungs.

They all have different destinations from different start points.

Baba Ibeji, the bus driver; after his morning dose of Kai Kai,

Tries to Swerve and Avoid the Kai officials,

Abruptly ended their journey and led everybody successfully to one destination.

They all unknown made the 9am news!


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